If your attracted to the gym going body builder type.. heres your guy.TRILOGY. A well filled out hunk but its all natural! So hes not hung up meal planning and figuring out his work out regimen, has all the time in the world for you. This guy now at age 10 would have completed his final year of racing but the trainer decided he more than earned finding his loving new person. Some people believe long term racers like him are usually hot and crazy but its quite the contrary, these guys are usually the easier to handle and transition well because they have been there done that. They have traveled to numorous tracks with different lay outs, loaded on many trailers, settled into different barn dynamics, and have many different people handle them and they have to adjust quickly and kept their cool because the race world is a fast paced operation with not a lot of time between to have a horse that is nervous and high maintenance. Trilogy has settled right into farm life and with his experience would transition just as easily into any career.
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