Looking for some eye candy? Well heres your man. Ready to start back under saddle NUTZFORBOLTZ. If you think he looks good in pictures wait until you meet him in person. You will fall harder for him than you did when you had your teenage crush. This boy comes into the program after his first trainer followed his career after he was claimed and proceeded to buy him back so he can enjoy his next career. He is beautifully put together with his typy face nicly set refined neck, set pefectly on a big strong shoulder and stout body. Ad a touch a chrome you got the whole package. While he looks like a high maintence show horse hes enjoying low maintence lifestyle living out with a buddy,barefoot, Throw a halter on the vet can do shots right there in the field the blacksmith can trim and hes a complete gentleman. Just waiting for his partner to fall in love with. RRP Eligible! Email [email protected] for an application