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Southern States S.H.O.W. Program


What is S.H.O.W.?

Second Call participates in Southern States' S.H.O.W. (Special Horse Organization Winners) program. This program helps us raise money simply by turing in proofs of purchase of Southern States feeds.

If you already feed Southern States feeds, this is a great way to help our organization without spending any additional money (except a stamp)! Most people throw the bags away without realizing that the proof of purchase seal is worth 25 cents to Second Call. And as we know, every little bit counts!


How can my feed bags help Second Call?

Please collect and submit "proof of purchase" symbols from eligible Southern States, Southern States Legends, and Triple Crown horse feed bags. Collect them from your neighbors, friends and family. Start a project with your 4-H group or other horse related club.

Second Call receives a credit of 25 cents for each eligible proof of purchase. Bulk bin deliveries of Southern States pelleted horse feeds are worth $10 per ton of feed delivered.


What Qualifies as a Proof of Purchase?

Proofs of purchase are found on the back or side of all Southern States, Southern States Legends, and Triple Crown horse feeds. Feed tags are not accepted as a "proof of purchase.


For bulk feed purchases, the original customer copy of the delivery ticket qualifies as proof of purchase.


How Should Proofs of Purchase Be Submitted?

PLEASE, before you toss out that bag of Southern States feed, take a few seconds to cut off the proof-of- purchase seal. Email Wendy Voss, our community outreach contact, for information on where to send the seals.


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