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In Loving MemoryFeatured Horses
A horse for every discipline

These are horses that have been through our program or are current residents with the program. Click on any row heading to sort by that heading. Click on the horse's name for more information. For available horses, please check our valued partners who do training and adoptions.  Second Call now focuses on the evaluation, triage, rehabilitation, and necessary care to return to each horse to an adoptable state. Click here for a complete list of Second Call horses.


Fleet Valid Fleet Valid
G CH 2003 15.3 Current Resident
Infinite Crescendo Infinite Crescendo*
G Dk Bay/Br 1990 16 Current Resident
Hong Kong Express Hong Kong Express*
G Bay 1993 16.2 Current Resident
Burning Term Burning Term
M Bay 2008 16.1 North Carolina
Royal Credit Royal Credit
G Ch 2009 17.2 New Jersey
Citizen Dane Citizen Dane
G Bay 2009 16 New Jersey
Audemus Audeamus
G Bay 2006 16 New Jersey
Irish Latearrival Irish Latearrival
G Bay 2007 15.2 New Jersey
Gilbertsville Gilbertsville
M Bay 2007 16 New Jersey
Blues Tune Blues Tune
F Dk Bay/ Br 2010 16.2 New Jersey
Themanmythnlegend Themanmythnlegend
G Dk Bay/Br 2005 16 New Jersey
Easley Amused Easley Amused
M Dk Bay/Br 2006 16 North Carolina
Caffe D' oro Caffe D' Oro
G Dk Bay 2006 16.1 New Jersey
Flipion Flipion
G Dk Bay 2009 16.1 New Jersey
Jeoy P Joey P
G Dk Bay or Brown 2002 17.1 New Jersey
Pot Roast Pot Roast
G Dk Bay or Brown 2010 16.2 New Jersey
  Livinlarge G Bay 2006 16 New Jersey
Nic N Jr. Nic N Jr.
G Dk Bay or Brown 2013 16 New Jersey
Hop Skip and Away Hop Skip and Away
G Bay 2005 16.1 New Jersey
Burnt Tree Burnt Tree
G Dk Bay or Brown 2007 16.2 New Jersey
PartyOnThumb Party On The Nile
G Dk Bay or Brown 2012 16.2 New Jersey
SSThumb Starship Senorita F Bay 2012 16 Florida
Dave the Usher Dave the Usher
G Gray or Roan   16.1 Florida
Hartack Hartack JR G Ch 2012 16.1 New York
Tybee Tybee F Bay 2014 16 New Jersey
Big Dee Big Discovery G Bay 2012 17 Kentucky
Awesome Speed Awesome Speed G Bay 2013 16.1 Kentucky


Contact Laurie Condurso-Lane at for information on these horses or our organization in general.


Horses listed with an astericks (*) are "current residents" with Second Call. These horses need your help with supplies and year-round care. Donate quickly and easily through our secure Donate Now link. Just click the link in the left margin and follow the directions. It's just a click away!


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